Friday, October 3, 2008

Traube's space

It's a crescent-shaped space overlying the stomach.

The surface markings for Traube’s space traube space

  • the left sixth rib,
  • the left mid-axillary line and
  • the left costal margin.

Percussion should be carried out at one or more levels of Traube’s space from medial to lateral.

Anatomical boundaries are:

1. Right : the inferior margin of the left lobe of  liver.
2. Left : the anterior border of the Spleen.
3. Superior : lower edge of the left lung (Resonance of lung).
4. Inferior : Costal margin.


1. Fundus of stomach (Hence percussion of Traubes area normally gives Tympanic note).
2. Costo-phrenic recess of left pleura devoid of lungs.

  • Underneath lies the stomach, which produces a tympanic sound on percussion (medicine). If percussion over Traube's space produces a dull tone, this indicates splenomegaly
  • This maneuver has a sensitivity and specificity between 60 and 70% for splenetic enlargement; however, the sensitivity and specificity increases to approximately 80% in non-obese patients who are fasting.

Other Causes of dull sound on percussion of Traube's space:
1. Full stomach.
2. Left sided Pleural effusion.
3. Enlargement of left lobe of liver due to any etiology.
4. Dextrocardia.
5. Proliferative growth in fundus of stomach.

Note: A left lung mass lesion/consolidation alone never produces impairment as lung is not extending to traube's space.


Anonymous said...

thank u!! ive been looking all over for this :)

Anonymous said...

traube's space border is it at anterior axillary line or mid axillary line? Coz when i refer to tally, it stated to percuss over anterior axillary line. I am confused with whether shall we percuss at midaxillary line or anterior axillary line to look for dullness?

Anonymous said...

it's anterior axillary line

Anonymous said...

9th rib on mid axillary line

Anonymous said...

Is this space to be percussed in rt lateral position

Anonymous said...

How big is spleen if dull traube space? How big is spleen if just palpable? How big is spleen if palpate around umbilicus? Anyone know abt the estimation?

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