Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bezold eponyms in ENT

  1. Bezold's triad
    1. Diminished perception of the deeper tones,
    2. retarded bone conduction, and
    3. negative Rinne's test,
    pointing, in the absence of objective signs, to otosclerosis
  2. Bezold's abscess
    abscess deep in the neck parapharyngeal space associated with suppuration in the mastoid cells
  3. Bezold's sign / symptom
    Inflammatory edema at the tip of the mastoid process in mastoiditis
  4. Bezold's ganglion
    An aggregation of nerve cells in the interatrial septum
  5. Bezold's mastoiditis
    Mastoiditis with perforation medially into the digastric groove and forming a deep neck abscess

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