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Eponyms about Elschnig in Ophthalmology

  • Elschnig's pearls(Elschnig's bodies): Pearl-like clusters formed by growth of Equatorial epithelial cells onto the posterior lens capsule of the eye following cataract surgery. (A type of After cataract)

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  • Elschnig's conjunctivitis:Chronic conjunctivitis associated with hyperplasia of the tarsal gland and the frothy secretions.
  • Elschnig's spots:In malignant hypertension, blood vessels in Retina& Choroid may be damaged leading to fibrinoid necrosis(presence of fibrin thrombi in vascular lumen). So when choroid vessels are damaged, it produces choroidal infarcts& necrosis of overlying Retinal Pigment Epithelium (since the outer 4 layers of retina are supplied by Choriodal blood vessels).These spots appear as small isolated circular areas having central retinal pigment, epithelial pigment clumping, and a surrounding halo of de-pigmentation.These are known as Elschnig spots.(So seen when choroidal blood vessels damaged in Malignant hypertension-Hypertensive choriodopathy)

elschnig  spots

  • Z-plasty (Elschnig's operation): It is useful to correct mild to moderate degree of cicatricial

z plasty(elschnig's operation)

  • Elschnig's syndrome(Elschnig’s complex): Also known as Blepharo-cheilo-dentin (BCD) syndrome. Features include ectropion of lower eyelids, distichiasis of upper eyelids, euryblepharon(symmetrical enlarge­ment of the palpebral aperture associated with large eyelids), bilaterally cleft lip/palate, oligodontia, and conical crown form. Initially known under the eponym Elschnig syndrome.
  • Elschnig's theory:Elschnig suggested the anaphylactic theory of the pathogenesis of sympathetic ophthalmia. According to this theory, it is not a question of a particular infection, but of an anaphylactoid inflammation against the body’s own uvea tissue. Under certain conditions, uvea tissue damaged by trauma will act as an antigen and subsequently occasion a sensibilisation of the body’s own uvea albumin. This causes an anaphylactic uveitis on the undamaged eye.
  • Elschnig's intracapsular forceps:fine untoothed forceps for holding tissue, swabs, sutures, etc; removing things like clots, capsule fragments, lens, etc; used in cataract surgery

elschnig untoothed forceps

  • Elschnig's scleral ring : Scleral ring is a white circular band that separates the intrapapillary region of optic disc from the peripapillary area.The scleral ring itself does not belong to optic disc.This is important for all optic disc measurements because the inclusion of scleral ring as part of optic disc falsely enlarges the neuroretinal rim & decreases cup/disc ratio.Loss of nerve fiber layer in Glaucoma can make the scleral ring more visible due to loss of overlying tissue.

elschnig's scleral ring


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