Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To determine the Mean Electrical Axis in ECG

Electrical axis...

  • Mean direction of the QRS complex in the frontal plane towards which the QRS complex is predominately pointed.
  • Since by definition it is calculated in frontal plane only, therefore MEAN ELECTRICAL AXIS is calculated only form the frontal or Limb leads.

Mean QRS Axis Calculation

  • the mean QRS axis is oriented at right angles (90°) to any lead showing a bi-phasic complex
  • the mean QRS axis points midway between any two leads that show tall R waves of equal height

This program demonstrates changes in the frontal surface leads with shifts in the cardiac axis .

mean axis calculation


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! thank you so much for making the ECG easy! :)

Anonymous said...

Hell of a way to explain , beautiful !

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